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Description of online training


Structure of education: Higher professional education

Bachelor degree -180 credits - time of education - 4 years

Yoga master

Tibetan yoga

Indian yoga

Dao yoga

Master degree -120 credits - time of education – 2 years

Yoga therapyst

  • The education system of modules consists of 5 main modules, including the theoretical and practical classes, and also contact classes in form of seminars.
  • Theoretical classes will be held in interactive – online mode, with possibility for discussions of teachers –student, student –teacher. Educational program will be supplemented by study materials in power point; other additional materials for studies will be in Word format.
  • Part of practical teachings where is no necessity to have contact with teacher, will be held in online mode and will be partly supported additionally in power point presentations.
  • All necessary literature, related to the educational program will be located in the archive of webpage and will be approachable for studens in Word format.
  • Every month there will be contact hours, teaching in form of seminars; practical teachings are made with goal to consolidate the theoretical material with presence of teacher (questions and answers).
  • At the end of every month test to check the knowledge of students will be held. There will be questions about the subject and topics of the modules studied during previous month. There will be 10 questions only and each question has 4 answers. If the student can answer correctly on 80% of questions he is allowed to continue the education, he get access to the next study materials. In case of 3 incorrect answers student need to do test again and only if he answer correct on 8 questions form 10 he is allowed to continue the education. In case if students fail the test again he need to make it third time.
  • At the end of each semester there will be session. During the last sixth semester students are required to do the qualification praxis and the final exam in presence of the teachers and masters of Academy (Assertion of Bachelor work).

Final exam are held by commission of examination, appointed by Senate of Academy.



Brief history

Currently complementary medicine attracts more and more attention in Europe and in the world, the popularity of health improvement and lifestyle principles of yoga based on philosophic and medical heritage of Himalayas increased. Latvia became the first state in the European Union where yoga specialists acquired the status of a profession – “Yoga Specialist”, which was achieved in the framework of TIBETAN HEALING CENTER SIA.

In May 2008, upon an initiative of TIBETAN HEALING CENTER, Latvian Classification of Occupations was supplemented by several new professions – Yoga Specialist, Yoga Master and Yoga Therapist.

In June 2010, the named specializations were included in the International Classification of Occupations.

In May 2017, the study programs of TIBETAN HEALING CENTER in the specializations of “Yoga Therapy” and “Yoga Specialist” acquired the third state accreditation for six years up to and including May 2023.


An international Yoga Specialist’s diploma is a modern and internationally recognized document. Professional specializations included in the International Classification of Occupations are accepted in all the states of the European Community and the states of Europe Asia Alliance (agreements signed on entering the International Classification). These countries include Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, which ratified the respective agreement in 2012. Our diplomas are recognized on the European job market, which makes your employment opportunities even more attractive.


We graduate specialists within the following specialization areas:

Yoga Therapy - 360 hours, the course for enhancement of professional knowledge

Yoga Specialist - 1080 hours, the 3rd level of professional education

Yoga Master - 180 credit points, the 5th level professional education (Bachelor degree)

Yoga Therapist - 120 credit points, the 5.2 level of professional education (Master degree)

If you have a non-industry specific higher education, we can recognize some of the subjects covered by you in other higher education institutions.


EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF TIBETAN MEDICINE AND YOGA provides a possibility of full-time, part-time and distance studies. For foreign students, there is a possibility to receive a residence permit in the Schengen territory - in Latvia. You will be able to learn and to study at the same time.

For faraway students who cannot attend studies but want to acquire a higher education, we have created a distance mode of studies.



In 2007, we got the Blessings for creation of the EUROPEN ACADEMY OF TIBETAN MEDICINE AND YOGA from His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang



We strive to create a healthy traditional education, to introduce new specialties, to raise the awareness of people regarding new spheres of activities and, of course, to teach people of living consciously.   


Nowadays we cooperate with higher educational institutions of Latvia. 


Nowadays studies became very convenient! You can study and pass your exams at home, while travelling, in a coffee shop. All you need is a computer and the Internet. You can study the material at any convenient time, even at night. Should you have any questions regarding the study materials, our teachers will be glad to answer your questions by e-mail. Enrolment for distance studies is open all year round! Facilitators of the distance learning will help to make your personal schedule and will remind you about the studies if necessary, as well as quickly answer all your questions. Your personal presence will be required for the acquisition and application of practical knowledge and skills at the moment of state examination and defending your graduation thesis, that is – at the very last stage of the studies.




Participation in various events and support of teachers.


Possibility to pay for studies by monthly instalments.


Acquisition of the residence permit in the Schengen territory (in Latvia). 


The majority of the studies will be carried out in one of the most beautiful places of Latvia – in Baltezers. The territory has equipped halls, study rooms, places for accommodation and recreation. The process of studies is organized in such a way so that you could fully devote yourselves to studies, at the same time being close to nature, away from the hustle of cities.



The teachers of our Academy are the highest professionals from India, Tibet and Nepal.

  • Our Academy has elaborated a system of accelerated certification, thanks to which you will get a diploma of full higher education in 3 rather than in 5 years
  • Our Academy has a simple and easy-to-use platform for distance learning
  • Our Academy allows learning from anywhere around the world and visiting the planned events where it is closer and better for you!
  • Anyone can study at our Academy, no matter the age and the aims!

Whatever your aim is, be it acquiring of a profession to work within it or enhancement of your professional qualification, searching for spiritual awareness or for the methods of health improvement, you will find a program which will best correspond to your needs and desires.